Sunday Worship Services
  • 101-102 Daadys Nest, Doddakannelli,
    Sarjapur Main Road, Bangalore 560035, India

  • Covenant B-P Church

Sunday Worship Services

1. English Service

One of the main emphases of the ministry of Covenant is the Lord’s Day worship, as the Lord has commanded the Church to keep the Sabbath day holy unto the Lord (Exodus 20:8; Hebrews 10:25). Every Sunday in the morning we have our English service from 10.30 to 12.00. The first half of the service comprised of singing psalms and hymns, reading God’s Word, prayer, and offertory. Preaching of the Word is the focus of the second half of the service. At Covenant we normally follow expository method of preaching, preaching systematically from the books of the Bible. Currently we are preaching the Heroes of Faith. Previously we have studied books like Genesis, Exodus, Joshua, Isaiah, Daniel, Ezra & Nehemiah, Habakkuk, Luke, John, Romans, Philippians, Pastoral Letters, Hebrews, etc.

Every first Sunday of the month we have the Holy Communion (Lord’s Table). On this Sunday, we have the fellowship lunch as well, mainly contributed by the members by bringing one or two dishes.

2. Kannada Service

Every Sunday morning at 8:30 am is the Kannada Service. This service is mainly to cater to the local people who speak Kannada and Telugu languages.


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