Completion of the True Faith

Completion of the True Faith

Scripture Reading – Hebrews 11:32-40


True faith will have the logical conclusion, that is, realizing the things hoped for (Heb 11:1).

  • Hebrews chapter 11 starts with this statement, and Heb 11 ends with the realization of true faith.
  • The realization of true faith will only happen through Jesus Christ.
  • Our fathers endured with the promise of Christ, and we could experience the reality of Christ, and together with us, they too experience the joy of salvation.

True Faith Is Enduring (vv 32-38)

The word ‘endures’ means ‘perseveres’ or never gives up. A series of names have been mentioned, and all were valiant in faith.

  • They all endured in faith.
  • Their faith was not an emotional decision, or that which they inherited because of their fathers’ faith.
  • On the contrary, their faith was personal, experiential, and they were convicted (11:1).
  • Such faith always endures!

True Faith Is Rewarding (v 39)

Receiving a good testimony through faith is the real reward of faith.

  • Their faith was so strong that they looked forward to the coming of Christ.
  • True faith has the courage to count on salvation. Since their faith was genuine, they lived in hope.
  • They knew very little about the nature or the time or the means of God’s salvation.
  • But they knew it was coming.
  • They had the abiding confidence that one day God would do the necessary thing to redeem them and reward them.
  • Hence, they received a good testimony for their faith.
  • Their reward was that testimony.

True Faith Is Completing (v 40)

Although the Old Testament Heroes of Faith did not receive the fulfillment of the promise, which is the coming of Christ and His work on the Cross, their faith rested in that fact.

  • Our faith will be complete only through the Lord Jesus Christ.
  • True faith always looks forward to that final salvation which God has promised through the Lord Jesus Christ.
  • All of the Old Testament Heroes of Faith, from Enoch to Malachi, had that courageous faith that counted on the fulfillment of the promise through Christ.
  • The New Testament believers are specially privileged that they could live through the reality of the promise.
  • Christ will take us to the finale of our faith which will be the eternal rest in heaven which He has promised (Heb 4:9-11).


If we have genuine faith in Christ, let us therefore endure till the end.

  • Hebrews 12:1-2


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