Isaac – The One Who Kept the Promise of God Alive – Part 2

Isaac – The One Who Kept the Promise of God Alive – Part 2

Isaac – The One Who Kept the Promise of God Alive – Part 2

(Hebrews 11:20)


A genuine, sincere, faith of a Christian can make an impact in the society and leave behind a legacy. That person may not be a giant in faith, accomplishing great things for God, but still he is able to leave behind a legacy.

  • Isaac’s life was such a life.

Last week we have seen from Isaac’s life that he had a meek and gentle faith. He was not known to be a giant in faith, but still God had a blessed plan for his life.

Three instances of his meek and gentile faith:

  1. Offering of Isaac: Genesis 22. Isaac meekly obliged to his father, willing to listen whatever his father told him. Because he knew that his father worshiped the living and true God. Because he knew that his father feared God. And, he too received the faith of his father.
  2. Choosing a life companion: Genesis 24. This is a great chapter that tells us how true faith to be exercised. And for Isaac, he, in meek and gentle submission, abided with the will and plan of his father, and most importantly, His heavenly Father.
  3. Paternal blessing: Genesis 27. Isaac knew that he was deceived by his younger son, but most importantly, he came to terms with the ultimate divine plan in it, and meekly and gently surrendered unto the will of the Father in heaven. For a moment, perhaps Isaac was in total confusion, but suddenly he came to terms with the Sovereign plan of God (Gen 25:23). In fact, Isaac loved Esau more than Jacob, but now had to submit to the will of Heaven.

The author of Hebrews commented this faith of Isaac and counted him to be one of the heroes of faith (Hebrews 11:20).

When the sovereign will of God is in action, we have to tread very cautiously, willing to make adjustments to our plans and ambitions.  That is true faith, meek and gentle faith!

Isaac, the Marker of Faith

Isaac’s faith, together with the faith of his father Abraham and son Jacob, became the marker or indicator of God’s faithful dealings with His people.

This means, whenever God wants to highlight His covenantal faithfulness with His people, God appears Himself in the name of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.

Isaac has been mentioned 35 times in the Bible with Abraham and Jacob as a forefather of Israel. Few important instances are:

  1. Exodus 2:24; 3:6, 15, 16
  2. Acts 3:13
  3. Acts 7:32
  4. Luke 13:28

This indicates that Isaac had a prominent place in the Abrahamic covenant, and his birth itself made the covenant alive.

It all began with the miraculous birth of Isaac. Isaac’s birth was miraculous and it marked Abraham’s and Sarah’s faith alive.

  • It proved that God is a covenant keeping God.
  • It proved that God is faithful to His promises.
  • It proved that there is nothing, absolutely nothing impossible with God.

Not only that, Isaac was the promised child that covenantal and Seed promise would continue through Isaac.

  • Interestingly, the promise was Messianic in nature that the promised Messiah, the Lord Jesus Christ, would come through the lineage of Isaac. In fact, Isaac was a type of the Lord Jesus Christ.
  • God personally reaffirmed to Isaac the covenant He promised to his father Abraham (Genesis 26:4; cf. Galatians 3:8, 16).


From this, we learn the following:

  1. All of us may not be adventurous or very active in faith, but God still has a plan for everyone, if we respond to Him with a gentle and meek faith.
  2. God’s plan for our lives would always be based on His covenantal faithfulness.
  3. When we are within His covenantal plan, our life will have a message to teach others. Our lives would be a highlighter of God’s faithfulness.
  4. Therefore, remember to leave behind a biblical legacy.


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