Isaiah – a Man of Vision and a Man of Winsome

Isaiah – a Man of Vision and a Man of Winsome

Isaiah 6:1-13


 The prophet Isaiah stands in the history of Israel as a man of vision and a man who has done justice to that vision. He lived a life according to the vision and he fulfilled God’s plan for his life.

A Man of Vision (vv 1-7)

 Seeing the Holiness of God—Vision of God (vv 1-4)

  • Isaiah sees God sitting upon the throne in heaven and the seraphim worshipping Him, saying, Holy, Holy, Holy, is the LORD of
  • Revelation 4
  • The vision of heaven tells the reality of God!

Realizing his own Sinfulness—Vision of the Self (v 5)

  • “Woe” upon himself – a legal charge (lit, I am ruined or I am dead).
  • His self-evaluation – I am undone (meaning dump or silent, to perish or to be destroyed).
  • This self-realization would be true of every unbeliever who would stand before the throne of God in the Day of Judgment
  • When Isaiah saw God, he was able to see himself – his sinfulness, unworthiness, and as a result, confessing before God.

Experiencing the Purging of sin at the Altar—Vision of the Cross (vv 6-7)

  • When Isaiah confessed his personal sin before God, the response of heaven was showing him the altar and cleansing
  • The action symbolized the application of the cleansing of God on the basis of the shedding of the blood on the altar of sacrifice, ultimately the Cross of Calvary

This was the greatest experience ever in the prophet’s life!

A Man of Winsome (vv 8-13)

 Hearing the Call of God—Ready to Hear (v 8a)

  • Isaiah states that he heard the voice of God, calling him to go
  • “Whom shall I send, and who will go for me” is always the call of God!

Willingness to Obey—Ready to Go (vv 8b-10)

  • Isaiah said, “Here am I; send me”
  • After the vision, Isaiah is no longer the man he was. Having the burden of guilt taken away from him, he possessed a new freedom and compelling insight to be an instrument in the hands of God.

Fulfilling the Commission of God—Ready to Proclaim (vv 11-13)

  • Isaiah’s ministry going to be a tough task. It might fall upon deaf ears.
  • Yet, he is reminded that his ministry will not be totally in vain—there will be a remnant, and there will be a holy seed!

 The greatest achievement for a man is to know God, have a rightful understanding of God, and accordingly prepare his life for the service of that God.


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