Solomon – When the Wisest Man Became a Fool

Solomon – When the Wisest Man Became a Fool

Scripture Portion: 1 Kings 11:1-13


Solomon is known as the wisest king ever ruled the face of the earth. He was one of the richest rulers who ruled the earth those days. He had all that he wanted in life—wisdom and riches (2 Chron 8-9)!

But he is also an example of wisdom not controlled by the fear of the LORD.

  • However, for the most part of his life, he did that which was extremely foolish.
  • He is known as a man whose heart was divided.

Solomon stands as a bad example of spoiling the spiritual legacy (1 Chron 28:9-10).

Even with wonderful spiritual legacy, we can go terribly wrong in life.

  • The example of what is happening in the West today.
  • 1 Kings 11 elaborates the failures of Solomon:

Solomon’s Sins (vv 1-8)

  • His heart was turned toward many women, even toward heathen women (vv 1-3)
  • His marriages were in direct disobedience to the clear commands of God (Deut 17:16-17).

His heart was turned toward many gods (vv 4-8)

  • Heathen marriages involved heathen deities as the foreign wives brought their deities along with them.
  • So much so that his wives diverted his heart from Jehovah to their god.
  • He went all the way to build altars for those gods and goddesses. How sad it was that the same person who built the magnificent Temple of the Lord building altars for the deities!
  • This is what spiritual compromise.

God’s Judgement on Solomon (vv 9-3)

The LORD was angry with Solomon. The LORD initially appeared to him twice (3:5-14; 9:2-9), but Solomon was living contrary to God’s commandments.

As a result:

  • The division of the kingdom was foretold (v 11). Solomon had peaceless nights as the Lord said Jeroboam be raised to take away the major portion of Israel (10 Tribes) (v 26).
  • The LORD raised up heathen kings against him (vv 14, 23).
  • Compared to David, Solomon was found wanting (vv 6, 33)


Spiritual privileges are not a guarantee for spiritual success.

  • Spiritual success and true life success comes only through the fear of the Lord. Solomon learned it quite late—toward the end of his life, that was there he wrote the Books of Proverbs and Ecclesiastes.